The 48th Annual Picnic at Playland

It's Picnic time again!

For 48 years, the CKNW Orphans’(now Kids') Fund has been hosting special needs children at our Annual Picnic at PNE’s Playland. Over 90,000 elementary and high school age children with various challenges, including learning difficulties, physical and/or mental challenges, have been able to attend this memorable event over the years. This year's Picnic at Playland will take place on Wednesday May 30th, 2018.

In 2017,  we invited 3,500 children to join us on this special day. We work with local organizations and school districts to ensure that children with special needs have the opportunity to experience this unique event. The children in attendance generally have challenges that would inhibit their enjoyment at Playland with the general public, so this day is incredibly special as they are provided with a unique opportunity to enjoy the park that is reserved just for them!


A big thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting this day!