CKNW Kids' Fund provides funding to many diverse organizations each year, supporting programs and projects that are focused on children with special needs. Grant applications are reviewed six times annually by our Grants Committee, which is comprised of members of the CKNW Kids' Fund Board of Directors.

We direct our funding to organizations who are making a significant impact in their community, and are often challenged to find funding for the much-needed programs that they provide. Some of the deserving organizations that we have funded in the past year have provided:


Daily nutritional meals and snacks to infants and toddlers from low income families


Behavioural development therapy for children dealing with complex mental health challenges


Speech therapy in summer to help children diagnosed with speech and language disorders


Tutoring and support to aid children with moderate to severe learning disabilities.


Specialized sports wheelchair rentals for youth with physical disabilities

Group and art therapy for children struggling with mental health disorders and/or abuse