Pink Shirt Day Store is NOW OPEN!

PSD Store Now Live - Website.png

We are so excited to announce that the Pink Shirt Day Store is OPEN beginning today!

Going into it’s 11th year, our 2019 focus is on Cyberbullying.

We are so excited about this year’s BRAND NEW t-shirt design and encourage you to wear it proudly to show your support of anti-bullying initiatives. Visit the Pink Shirt Day Store to buy it NOW!

The dawn of social media brought with it a whole new way to interact, communicate, and even bully. But in this digital world where filtered photos and crafted messages can be posted in an instant, it often takes more time and effort to say something mean than it does to say something nice. Kindness requires no manipulation, no focusing on the negatives, and no filtering of yourself. It’s simply, truly nice. For social media users, we want them to THINK before the post. We want them to ask themselves if it is: True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and KIND.

Want to learn more about Pink Shirt Day and how you can get involved? Visit our website to check out fundraising opportunities and our incredible partners who are also donating to a great cause!