Caitlyn is 2 years old with a complex medical history. She presents with a Global Developmental Delay and feeding difficulties, and requires a G-tube for feeding. Caitlyn’s feeding pump, supplies, and formula are not provided by the At-Home Program and are crucial to her livelihood. We were able to grant $2,500 to fund Caitlyn’s feeding equipment and supplies.

Chris is 6 years old with permanent hearing loss in both ears, and experiences frequent ear infections and fluctuations in hearing. He has been using loaner hearing aids, and his parents have seen a significant improvement in his speech and language development as well as his behaviour. To help ensure his long-term development were able to grant $1,650 to fund permanent hearing aids for Chris.

Jules is 11 years old and suffers with Global Development Delay and Anxiety Disorder. Jules has been involved with therapeutic horseback riding for the past year, during which her teachers and parents have seen a major improvement in her self-confidence and ability to cope with anxiety. We were able to grant $1,700 so Jules could continue her therapeutic horseback riding.

Kristin is a 9-year-old girl with multiple diagnoses including Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. She has great difficulty communicating her needs to others and is unable to perform many of the tasks involved with daily living. Kristin requires multiple therapies including occupational therapy so that she can better handle daily tasks. CKNW Kids' Fund was able to grant $2,000 to fund Kristin’s occupational therapy.

Will is 5 years old with multiple diagnoses resulting in a severe developmental delay, a seizure disorder, and speech delay. Will uses a power wheelchair and is fully dependent in all aspects of daily living. Will has outgrown his commercial car seat, and is now too heavy for his parents to transfer in and out of their vehicle. With your help, we were able to grant $3,500 to help fund Will and his family’s accessible van conversion.

Bradley is a 7-year-old boy assessed with a learning disability and language-based delay, causing him to struggle with fine motor skills, memory, and focusing. Bradley receives wonderful support from his resource and support teachers in school, but has not made major progress. The teachers recommended 1:1 support from a tutor outside of the classroom. We were able to grant $2,000 to fund tutoring for Bradley.

Kent is 8 years old and suffers with intermittent Esotropia – a condition causing one eye to turn in toward the nose. The condition results in double vision or suppression (where the brain ignores the image from the turned eye). After offering as much treatment as possible, his optometrist referred Kent to a specialist for vision therapy to help correct the condition. We were able to grant $1,700 so Kent could continue his vision therapy.

Sam is 7 years old and diagnosed with multiple diagnoses including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder and Anxiety causing him to sometimes become overwhelmed by crowds or noise. He has a full-time aid at school to assist with regulating his anxiety; however, his academics have recently fallen below an acceptable level and Sam’s support team has recommended private tutoring. We were able to grant $2,000 to fund tutoring for Sam.

Tina is an 11-year-old girl diagnosed with Arthropgryposis. Children with this condition have abnormal fibrosis of the muscle tissue causing muscle shortening. As Tina continues to grow, she will have a difficult time maintaining her current level of independence if she does not make improvements to or maintain the strength of her stability muscles. Tina’s orthopaedic surgeon has strongly recommended she attend physiotherapy to meet her goals. We were able to grant $2,000 to fund Tina’s physiotherapy.